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Mini's Trading Shoppe*

Post  Admin on Wed Feb 25, 2009 4:33 pm

Welcome to Mini's Trading Shoppe*

I can do all of your trading, swapping, selling, liquidating for you Smile

Have you ever:
been ignored on The Trading Postin the Fluff Friends Forum?
so busy with your real life you can't get rid of your unwanted/extra stuff?
wanted to make quick trades but end up waiting for more then you expected?
been tired of waiting for the highest bidders?

Let me know the items you are trading for and what you want in return, what are you buying and how much Gold you want to pay for it.
Every little detail helps. Very Happy

- Payment is variable, mostly 1 LG or 60 Foods.
- PM me for private service.
- If I don't succeed with your request, It's totally free. (and will return items back)


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